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I discovered my greatest hunting passion years ago in a place that can be described as heaven or hell, depending on the day or even minute of the hunt. I was bow hunting the AZ strip for giant mule deer. My young guide was Matt Schimberg and I knew then it was only a matter of time before he would be known as the THE MULEY GUIDE. My name is Brian Jones and my life has revolved around Archery–from designing equipment, competing professionally and most importantly experiencing many great hunts. Therefore, endorsing anything related to this great sport of bow hunting is very serious to me. I would recommend Matt Schimberg to ANY hunter fortunate enough to draw a coveted AZ tag.


Brian Jones

Scott Archery

My family and I have hunted all over the world guided and unguided. Matt Schimberg and his guys at A3 Trophy Hunters work as hard as any outfit we’ve used. They spend more time in the field preparing for the seasons than anyone else I know. It pays off big time for them and their clients. Some people have said that I am lucky. I am truly blessed but I don’t believe in luck. I believe you make your own luck. The better you prepare yourself to take advantage of a situation when it occurs the more successful you will be. For me, hunting in North America or Mexico begins with a call to Matt and A3 Trophy Hunters to make sure I am as prepared as possible for my hunt. They cannot harvest animals for me. That’s my job. But they’ve proven time after time that they can help put me in the best possible position to do so and that’s why they are the first choice for me and my family.

Yuma, AZ

Pat Cooley

After finally drawing a 13B rifle tag, I did not want to take a chance on doing the hunt DIY, as I had never stepped foot in the unit. I prefer to hunt on my own, but I did not have the time needed to scout the unit properly. Prior to the draw, I had a feeling I was going to draw a strip tag and I spent a lot of time researching many different outfitters and looking at their track records. Matt Schimberg with A3 Trophy Hunts stood out. After draw results came out, I immediately called Matt and booked the hunt with him. I can recommend them a 100% for the hunter who is serious about killing a buck of a lifetime. They are a no nonsense outfit and spend countless days on the strip. You are not going to be back at camp midday; so be prepared to hunt from sun up to sun down. We all had a tough hunt with no bucks killed until the 6th day of the hunt, but no one on the A3 Trophy Hunts crew gave up or got tired of the hard hunting. They just kept with it and it paid off. All three hunters in camp killed bucks, all over 200″ with the biggest scoring 239″!

Phoenix, AZ

Michael Ronning

In January 2011, I was researching outfitters for an Archery Strip (13A or 13B) tag that my hunting partner, Jeff Huff, and I intended to put in for and most likely draw with our max points. In my research one name kept repeatedly coming up, Matt Schimberg of A3 Trophy Hunts. I contacted Matt and spoke with him several times and booked for our once in a lifetime non-resident “Strip Hunt.” Matt told me that if the late winter & spring weather was good we would be hunting bucks in the 220” plus range. He also told us the odds of killing giant bucks was about 50% if Mother Nature and the deer cooperated. Matt scouted about 25 days a month from June 15th until our hunt started. He stayed in contact and sent pictures of some of the deer he had located in the units. We eventually drew 13A strip tags and about 28 days later arrived in camp. Matt had several 210”-220” bucks and he also had two bucks over 230” that were on his hit list. Our camp was comfortable consisting of a tent with cots and was centrally located with big bucks both north and south of it. Matt and guide Devin provided great food and were great company. Matt had a plan to hunt the biggest bucks in the unit and we did. I was fortunate to kill a 226” non-typical buck of a lifetime on the third evening of the hunt. Jeff arrowed a 195” typical later in the hunt. I would recommend Matt Schimberg of A3 Trophy Hunts for any of your hunting needs. Matt and Devin truly made our hunt a “Hunt of a Lifetime”.

Napa, CA

Mark Warrington

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