Arizona Hunts

Arizona Hunts

Arizona offers some of the highest quality big game hunting in the world. A3 hunts statewide for elk, mule deer, coues deer, sheep, buffalo, turkey and javelina. We also offer hunts for lion and predators. The majority of big game tags are obtained through a draw which is done twice a year. In early February, applications are due for elk and antelope. In early June, applications are due for deer and sheep hunts. There is also a fall draw due in early October which is for the spring turkey, bear, and javelina hunts. The AZ draw has a preference point system as well as a random draw. The bottom line is, AZ has incredible hunting and you have a chance to draw an incredible tag at any time! We are happy to consult with you on a draw strategy based on your hunting goals and aspirations. We also offer an application service and will process your applications for you. There are also Over-The-Counter archery deer tags that both residents and non-residents can purchase each year. These hunts take place in August for the early season, and late December and January for the later season. The late season hunts provide an opportunity to hunt both coues deer and mule deer during the rut. These are really fun hunts and provide an opportunity for archers to come hunt AZ during the middle of winter. Please contact us for more information on these hunts if you are interested. We have a team of guides that specializes not just on particular species, but in specific hunting units in the Arizona. This allows us to take what is often viewed at a “decent” unit and turn it into a great unit with strong local knowledge. We also guide what are called “governor” tags or “statewide” tags. Our clients have taken some of the largest animals to ever come from AZ with these tags. There are only two ways to obtain one of these special tags, through auction or through the AZ Big Game Super Raffle which is done annually. These tags last for 365 days and offer the finest trophy hunting experience that exists in the west. If you have an interest in obtaining one of these special tags, please contact us. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking outfitter that has a track record second to none, please contact us so we can put together a dream hunt for you.

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