Coues Deer Hunts

Coues Deer Hunts

There is no cure! Arizona is home to the best Coues deer hunting on the face of the planet. From the Mexican border to the mountains of the central and eastern parts of the state, giant Coues bucks roam widely across Arizona. A3 Trophy Hunts has specialized in big Coues forever and our results speak for themselves. We employ our aggressive scouting tactics to Coues as well and our record of harvest has regularly attracted the Statewide Tag holders allowing us to not only expand our scouting coverage, but multiply our scouting into virtually all of the best Coues units in the state. We scout all the top units for Coues and we have dedicated ourselves to scouring the far reaches of Arizona in search of the best Coues bucks available on any given year. Our harvest record stands alone with nearly 100 bucks scoring over 110”. Our clients have taken dozens of bucks scoring over 130” including a handful over 150” and a 160”+ super giant! We annually harvest the largest bucks to come from Arizona. If a Coues buck is an animal you have always wanted, then give us a call. We will explain in detail the route you need to take to get your hands on one of the state’s most challenging trophy animals. Several great Coues tags, with trophy potential, can be drawn with a very minimal number of bonus points. Some with only one point! Please look through our extensive photo gallery of giant Coues bucks, and once you’re hooked pick up the phone and give us a call. If you are the lucky holder of a Statewide Tag, we would love to discuss the possibilities with your coveted permit. You will not find a more experienced outfitter with more big Coues bucks to their credit than A3. For those interested in the Over-The-Counter archery tag, we offer awesome packages that maximize the opportunity at one of these grey ghosts. We have had great success and due to our extensive scouting efforts we place our client’s right in the home turf of great bucks. These Over-The-Counter tags can be hunted in August when the bucks are hanging together in a pattern or during December/January when they are rutting and seeking does. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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